The Greendow Vertical Garden is a hydroponic window garden that
brings lush green plants to indoor and urban environments.
The Greendow:
  • Lets you effortlessly grow plants, flowers, herbs and produce in any interior space
  • Is perfect for commercial, business and residential environments
  • Fits neatly to existing windows, with easily installation from inside the building
  • Uses square footage in an innovative way, providing green environments without infringing on valuable floor space
  • Uses a patented design with:
  • An aluminium frame designed to be stable, lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Original siphoning mechanisms to complement the flood and drain (ebb and flow) hydroponics system
  • Flexibility to fit any existing window space
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Innovative concept

Elegant and simple

Solar-assisted power

Low maintenance


Uses a flood and drain (ebb and flow) method for reliability and validity


Innovative, patented design


With our touchscreen and our online remote user interface users can manage and control Greendow preferences and setting


No soil required for plant growth, minimising pests and odours


Specialised LED lights assist plant growth in any environment


Lightweight, with no soil, cumbersome containers or floorspace
Avoids adding live loads to building structure

Whatever your space – The Greendow Vertical Garden is made to measure, tailored to your specifications



Every Greendow can be individually customised to seamlessly integrate with your chosen space. With your choice of 100+ colours to choose from.

Greendow Vertical Garden pearl white

Pearl White

Greendow Vertical Garden wedgewood


Greendow Vertical Garden deep ocean

Deep Ocean

Greendow Vertical Garden surf wood

Surf Wood

Greendow Vertical Garden bush cherry

Bush Cherry

Greendow Vertical Garden mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl

Greendow Vertical Garden cove


Greendow Vertical Garden eucalypt


Greendow Vertical Garden beige


Greendow Vertical Garden manor red

Manor Red

Greendow Vertical Garden wilderness


Greendow Vertical Garden hawthorn green

Hawthorn Green

Choose from 100+ Colours


What makes the Greendow Vertical Garden different?

  • The Greendow Vertical Garden is lightweight and easily installed into existing window spaces
  • No heavy soil, cumbersome containers or floorspace
  • Advanced automatic hydroponic system
  • Minimal maintenance: keep plants healthy with ease

What are the benefits for building owners?

Building owners, managers and architects agree that green spaces bring benefits to urban spaces. A Greendow Vertical Garden:

  • Minimises energy consumption
  • Improves a building’s “green” rating
  • Reduces the need for horizontal green spaces (frees up floor space)
  • Improves air quality
  • Regulates humidity levels
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Becomes a major design centrepiece

How can I arrange installation of a Greendow Vertical Garden?

Please contact our Sales Team. We’re happy to help. Our team will organise for a technician to view your space and quote on your garden.

Call us on +61 (0) 459 623 296 or email us at

What can be grown in a Greendow Vertical Garden?

Most small plants grow beautifully in a Greendow Vertical Garden, including:

  • Fresh herbs
  • Flowers
  • Water plants
  • Ferns and shrubs

Can you supply the plants?

  • Yes, we can supply your plants. We offer a wide variety of plants and flowers. But if you want to supply your own plants, that’s fine too
  • Check our plant packages brochure for full details of the plants we offer

Will my Greendow Vertical Garden be difficult to look after?

  • No! The Greendow Vertical Garden requires very little maintenance
  • The Greendow Vertical Garden uses an advanced hydroponic and irrigation system to water, feed and maintain your plants

Can the Greendow Vertical Garden be moved after installation?

Each Greendow is made-to-measure for its specific window. We don’t recommend moving the Greendow after installation but if necessary, the Greendow can be removed and reinstalled (size and location permitting).

What do I do if my plants die?

  • The Greendow Vertical Garden uses real plants with a natural life cycle, and occasionally a plant will die. You can easily replace individual plants
  • If your plants begin to wilt, call our maintenance team for help

Will the Greendow Vertical Garden produce any odors?

  • If you use the recommended mineral nutrient, your plants will not have unpleasant smells
  • Many plants produce pleasant fragrances that will scent the space

What if my window is blocked by a building or not in direct sunlight?

  • The Greendow Vertical Garden is designed to allow plants to grow in all conditions
  • The LED lights optimise plant growth by automatically activating and replicating the natural light

Can I manually water plants using an external water source?

  • Watering plants with an external water source can cause pooling of water and algae growth
  • We recommend using the system’s automatic watering cycles and following the maintenance tips
  • Fill the water tank with 1L of water every 2–4 days