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The Beauty and Benefits of Vertical Window Gardens

Vertical Window Gardens


What is a Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens, often known as living walls, are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices. Vertical gardening refers to the practice of growing plants on walls rather than on horizontal surfaces such as tables and floors. There are numerous ways to cultivate a vertical garden and numerous advantages to having a living wall.

Vertical gardens are suspended panels that can be put on walls or freestanding structures and use a water flow system to grow indoor and outdoor plants. While appearing to be a new trend, vertical gardens have been around since ancient times. They are still as remarkable and visually capturing today as they were then.

The advantages of indoor vertical gardens are numerous, ranging from air purification to noise reduction to the provision of fresh produce. Furthermore, office wall plants are a wonderful way to provide a touch of nature to any urban atmosphere.

Benefits of Vertical Garden

Aesthetic Appeal Benefits

  • Beauty & Design

Installing plant walls has several advantages. The beauty is one of the most obvious reasons for introducing a vertical garden. A green wall in an office environment makes it more appealing and relaxing. It creates a focal point of attention and an unexpected design element. If you are in the retail industry, plant walls will enhance foot traffic and increase sales. If you work in a corporate environment, living walls can assist in creating a more pleasant and peaceful meeting environment.

  • Space Saving

By growing plants vertically, you can maximise confined spaces, such as balconies, patios, or little gardens. In addition, by keeping plants above the ground, vertical gardening can help you build privacy screens, enhance the visual appeal of your space, and lower the danger of pest and disease issues. You may grow various plants vertically, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and enjoy a plentiful harvest while maximising your available space with the proper setup and maintenance.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reducing Office Noise

Being mindful of noise is important when working in close quarters with your colleagues. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), ‘a 2014 study by Steelcase and Ipsos found that workers lost up to 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions’. Plants have been shown to absorb sound, and as HBR explains, ‘plants boast sound-absorbing capabilities that can work just as effectively in an indoor environment as they can in an outdoor setting’.

Vertical gardens may absorb up to 50% of the noise generated in a major city. Noise can be decreased by up to ten decibels, which has significant health benefits. In fact, a vertical garden may absorb 41% more noise than a traditional facade.

  • Reduced Water Usage

A more effective watering system may be made by growing plants vertically since the water can be sent directly to the roots of the plants rather than being spread out throughout the entire garden. Additionally, the superior drainage and aeration provided by vertical gardening can assist in avoiding overwatering and saturated soil. Drip irrigation systems and other effective watering techniques may reduce water waste and water costs. Overall, vertical gardening can be an excellent way to save water without sacrificing a lush, fruitful garden.

Benefits for Humans

  • Health & Air Quality

A vertical garden provides oxygen. The plants filter airborne contaminants and change carbon dioxide into oxygen. A plant’s surface area can generate 130g of dust and produce enough oxygen for a person to breathe for a year. Succulents, grasses, and perennial shrubs do well in compact areas, as do ferns and herbs, making them the best indoor plant choices.

Even now, most workplaces are without windows. Vertical gardens are a fantastic idea because they can filter about 90% of air pollutants and provide clean air. Putting up a green wall helps reduce appliance and air conditioner pollution. Certain aromatic plants can help keep the air clean and fresh.

  • Physical & Mental Health

By creating oxygen and cleansing the air, which lowers problems like breathing difficulties and blood pressure, plants fight respiratory ailments and improve cardiovascular disorders. They reduce exposure to local pollen, protecting against diseases and/or allergies from hazardous gases. Plants promote atmospheric humidity, which moisturises the skin, mucous membranes, and throat, preventing coughs. Regarding their advantages on the mind, it is common knowledge that vertical gardens enhance focus and mood, ease stress by fostering a sense of relaxation, and provide aesthetic relief when contemplated.

Final Thoughts

A vertical garden is ideal for any office, whether you want to make it cosier, healthier, or more environmentally friendly. Consider getting in touch with Greendow if you want to add a vertical garden to your office but aren’t sure where to begin. Enjoy all the benefits of this beautiful and healthy addition to your workspace by taking advantage of our indoor plant installation and maintenance services, which may help take the hassle out of keeping your vertical garden.

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    • Suitable for high-rise residential accommodation & commercial applications
    • Demand for indoor gardening in the Middle East is rapidly increasing due to the hot and arid climates that can make it difficult to grow plants outdoors. Indoor gardening provides a controlled environment that can help overcome this challenge.
    • Many cities around the world, including the M.East, are densely populated, have limited green spaces and experience dry climates. Greendow™ allows residents to bring nature into their homes, which can help to improve their overall quality of life.

    E.g., Abu Dhabi, UAE | Kuwait City, KUWAIT | Muscat, OMAN | Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA | Etc.


    • Suitable for high-rise residential accommodation & commercial applications.
    • With high populations and limited outdoor space, Greendow™ allows people to grow plants and connect with nature, even in small apartments or homes.
    • Indoor plants have been shown to remove pollutants and improving air quality, important in populated cities with high levels of pollution.
    • Greendow™ allows people to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, even in the heart of the city, providing a source of healthy, locally-grown produce.

      E.g., Kowloon, HONG KONG | Beijing, CHINA | Guangzhou, CHINA | Shenzhen, CHINA | Mexico City, MEXICO | Etc.


    • Suitable for high-rise residential accommodation & commercial applications
    • Long, cold winters in the Northern hemisphere make it difficult to grow plants outdoors. Greendow™ provides a environment that allows people to grow fresh produce year-round.
    • Indoor plants thrive in indoors especially in areas that experience long periods of darkness or lowlight seasons.